Thursday, 1 January 2015

The body shop advent calender week two

The Body shop advent calender

Week Two

After a first great week I was itching to get on to week here it is

Day 8

Day number 8 was a full size pot (10ml) of strawberry lip balm. I love love loved this. A really thick balm that didn't feel sticky. The scent wasn't too sweet or strong,reminds me a little of strawberry milkshake. 

Day 9

Day nine continued on the strawberry theme with a strawberry hand cream with cold pressed strawberry oil. A lovely rich hand cream, great for this time of year when the wind chaps my hands. Fab scent too. I love to put this kind of hand cream on either just after a shower or just before bed so I can really enjoy the scent,I find during the day time it gets a little lost in perfumes and other sprays.

Day 10

Day ten was a lush red nail polish called relish the moment. I haven't got round to using this polish as of yet but from what I have looked at and tested on one nail it seems a well covering polish.....

Day 11

From the size of the door I like to have  little a petite little door so I suspect a lip balm. Nope today I got my favourite seasonal Scent a glazed apple soap. Like I said I'm not a massive user of soaps these days,but it is a body shop staple product. And I am a bit obsessed with this fragrance rang at the moment

Day 12

And to continue my obsession with the glazed apple collection behind door twelve I got a glazed apple shimmer lotion. A great thin moisturiser but glides on easily and absorbs well. The lotion has a really fine shimmer mixed into it which gives the skin a nice festive sparkle. The only problem I find is as I've said before my hands are caked in shimmer that I have to actually wash off as it doesn't simply wipe off.

Day 13

Drawing In on the end of the second week and behind door number 13 I received the vitamin E day cream. Nice to have a  change and try out a face product. I've Not used the vitamin E range before. The cream is quite thin so not quite substantial enough for my dry winter skin I have at the moment. But a very light delicate fresh fragrance. I suspect this would be great for me during he summer as its was easily absorbed.

Day 14 
The last day of the second week was not disappointment , today I received another product from the vitamin E range the vitamin E skin moisture masque. Like I said in the above my skin is super dry this winter and the only thing that seems to quench its thirst is the nivea classic cream. So as soon as I received this I gave it a go. A thin milkshake pink coloured mask, it applies quite easily and doesn't dry. This is my favourite type of mask, I sometimes feel the clay masks can be quite drying because the dry hard on the skin. My skin felt quite soft and moisturised after. So would definatly use this again.

The second week of the calender was definitely better than the first. A nice mixture of face and body. Classic staples from the body shop range and some new festive treats. 

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Soap and Glory limited edition Hattie stewart box set

The limited edition

Soap and Glory 

Hattie Stewart box set

Soap and Glory are back again teaming up with boots to give us a spectacular box set with a whopping discount. The box set contains 10 full size products all presented in a pink drawstring bag in a exclusively designed box by Hattie James 'London's queen of doodle'.

The box is gorgeous with a really funky christmas pattern and a nice thick strap. This would be great for storage of all sorts of beautiful things. The products...well it is full of some of their firm favourites and award winners. The kits are retailing for £29 between Friday 12th December and Thursday 18th December and then they will go back to their original price of £60. All of the products if bought sesperately at their usual retail price would actually come to £76.00! They sold out online within seven hours but from what I can see they have ample stock in the stores.

Right so here's what we have in the box
Hand dream-super cream 100ml
Orangeasm-body wash 500ml
Butter yourself-moisture lotion 500ml
Heel genius-foot cream 125ml
Sugar crush-body scrub 300ml
Whipped clean-shower butter 250ml
The righteous butter- body butter 300ml
Off your face-3in1 daily purifying cloths 25 cloths
Sexy mother pucker -lip lawyer in charm offensive 7ml
Thick and fast - super volume mascara 10ml

I got last year's special edition box set as a Christmas present and I have been addicted to soap and glory ever since. A funky kitch brand,good quality products without the over the top price tag. Just beautiful textured and gorgeous smells.

Get in quick ladies before they are gone! 

The body shop advent calender week one

The Body shop advent calender 

Week one

This year after a bit of research I chose The body shop advent calender. 24 days of mini treats. Here is my round up of my first seven days of my beautiful calender. 

Day one

The first day... always an exciting one. I received a 30ml almond hand cream. I was super excited to receive this. I loooove the smell and miss the almond range. Perfect handbag size tube and a wonderfully rich hand cream, perfect fir this time of year. 

Day two

Day two...wasn't quite as exciting as day one, day two was a nail file. The file again was perfect hand bag size. Being in the industry I have my favourite files (Jessica) .The body shop file felt like a mixture between a old school emery board and a newer style smooth file......unfortunately when I use it it does feel like an old emery. A little bit rough (which puts my teeth on edge) but actually leaves a smooth finish. So a good file...just my teeth can't take it.

Day three

Day three was a very cute little heart shape soap....strawberry. such a cute little addition to my bathroom sink. Smells gorgeous, looks great and something for everyone. Perfect stocking filler.

Day four

Day four....oooh a slightly bigger door.....a 60ml glazed cranberry shower gel. The sight of this made me oh soo happy. I have been using the glazed apple range of late and the frosted cranberry is just as amazing. And such a good size bottle, a nice little pick me up in the morning with the fresh bright smell of cranberries. Beautiful.

Day five

So we are nearly at the end of the first week of the advent calender, so far so good. Day number five was not a disappointment either, a 60ml frosted cranberry shimmer lotion. A perfect match to yesterday's shower gel, and a perfect body cream for this festive season. A nice rich cream, easily absorbed with tons of fine shimmer to add a touch of sparkle....I do find I have to wash my hands after though as my palms are literally caked in shimmer.

Day six

Today we have a nice change, no body products today but a black carbon eye definer. This item retails for £9.00 so this was a great treat. It was really easy to apply and the smudger was pretty easy to use. I found it a little easier to apply the liner to bare skin apposed to eye shadow. 

Day seven

The last day of the first week finishes with another mini heart soap. This was another red one so I can't quite define which one is strawberry and which one is glazed cranberry now. The soaps are cute but I don't often use a soap and now have two....but they have always been a body shop staple.

The first week of The Body shop advent calender was a good one. I got a couple of gifts that were not as exciting as I'd hoped but I also got some amazing gifts which I have loved trying. Keep a look out on my Facebook, twitter and instagram accounts for my daily pictures as open them.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Beauty advent calenders 2014

Beauty advent calenders 2014

So last year I discovered that you can buy beauty advent calenders. A little beauty treat in place of your chocolate treat. Great for your diet although not soo great for your purse as they can be quite pricey. Here's my low down on this years best beauty advent calender. 

Benefit candy coated count down

The elusive benefit beauty advent calender. Last year there was a serious lack of these made and lots of very angry customers posting on their face book page about the lack of stock. And it would seem even though they have made more they have sold out increasingly quickly again this year...already showing up sold out on their website. The advent calender (if you managed to get one) is £60. Filled with 24 mini treats ranging from `that gal' and 'stay flawless' to 'they're real' and headbands and doodle pads. Being a massive benefit fan I must say I'm a little disappointed to find that there is six items which are not benefit make up. All in all a great little saver...if you can get your hands on one for the original price...eBay has them listed up to £120!! Amazing calender for benefit die hard fans but more need to be made to stop people being ripped off!

Body Shop 24 days of joy

I have become a massive fan of The body shop these last few years. With mainly affordable products at a really high quality and a no animal testing moral what's not to love. This year they have released their 24 days of joy for £50 with products ranging from 30ml hand creams and mini soaps to a shower crinkle lily to full size lip balms. Being that this is a quite highly priced item in their range you will only find this in their larger stores or online. With all orders on their website over £20 you receive free postage so you will only pay the price of the advent calender...although you don't receive your membership10% discount with this item.....mine is currently in the post and I can't wait. Keep a look out for my updates in December.

Boots no7 beauty secret

This year boots are focusing on their no7 range instead of a collection of different brands they sell. Which if I'm honest I was a little disappointed about as I thought last year's calender was such good value for money and had a great range included. The no7 advent calender is a full 25 days so you even get a little treat for Christmas day, it retails at £35 and is not available until Oct 29th. It includes a array of body, make up and face products. Including their much sought after protect and perfect intense cream. With the kit worth over £130 you are making mega savings. A must for any die hard no7 fan!

Elemis 12 days of beauty

Elemis have taken it back to the old Christmas Carole 12 days of Christmas with their offering. The set includes 12 minis which include massive favorites such as pro collagen marine cream, frangipani monoi oil and a little taster of one of their airline/hotel exclusive products. The box is quite pretty but not the most festive of patterns. Coming in at £59.50 for 12 products it is a little on the expensive side but it's a massive saving of £53.50, and from experience with elemis a little goes looooong way. ....think' id still prefer the classic 24 days though.

You beauty advent calender

Worth a whopping £249 this is a major investment for just £49.95, 24 days of pure indulgence. Including brands such as Liz Earle and molten brown this is the deluxe of deluxe calenders. You have a great range of face, body,make up tools and delightful treats to keep you entertained. The only downer on this calender is that you have to pay £4.95 postage which makes the calender £ if body shop can give you free postage I'm sure you beauty could have.

Beauty advent calenders have now become big beauty business with many company's jumping on the band wagon. I have picked but a few and there is soo many more. If you are a lover of beauty or of a certain brand find your calender and invest. Although expensive and generally mainly mini products you save a massive amount of money. If you fancy any of the ones featured in my blog check links below.

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Body shop insta blur

The Body shop All in one Instablur

Iv been a naughty blogger i know, moving house is a little time consuming. But i am still trying out soo many new things so i hope i can fill you in with a few more blogs.
I have been trying a lot of make up in preparation for my wedding next year, I am due to be married in august, so in the UK that can either be sweltering hot or pouring with rain. I want to try and find a base for my make up to make it hold in place no matter what the weather brings.

Browsing the Body shop website i came across the All in one instablur face perfector.
'This all-new face perfector blurs imperfections, giving you flawless photo-perfect skin in an instant! With Community Fair Trade marula oil. Shine Controlling  for 12h, Reduces appearance of pores, Blemish Hiding, Complexion Unifying, Make-up Extending'.

The instablur comes in a 25ml tube for £14 which i think is a reasonable price for the quality of product. I have used quite a lot of primers in the past all of which have been cream based, when i decanted the instablur i was shocked to find a clear jellied product. I was a little wary due to its look in case it was greasy so only applied a little. I was pleasantly surprised to find that as soon as i applied the gel my skin was mattified. As with all middle to high range products a little goes a long way. I use just under a pea sized amount for my entire face. My skin is normal to oily so I'm not too sure on how this product would spread on a drier skin type but i suspect it would glide quite easily.


 Now for the five  points....
shine controlling -Instantly after applying i found my skin was mattified, even after sweating during the day my skin continued to stay matt. 
Reduces appearance of pores - I don't have overly large pores on my face but did find that the ones that are visible on my nose were a little less noticeable. It was a little like instagram affect, in that you could see them but it was like some one blurred them with a clever camera trick.
Blemish hiding - Now this is a tricky one, if i am using insta blur i am generally adding make up over the top. It didn't hide major blemishes, that was more my make up. But the little blocked pores and bumps that i can sometimes get on my lower chin were a little like my pores around my nose...still visible but blurred.
Complexion unifying - This one is a definite yes, as soon as i applied it to my face it was like i had a blank canvas to start from (apart from my dreaded dark circles and larger blemishes).
And last but not least make up extending - This was the point i wanted most and it certainly lived up to it. Even after sweating my make up was in place, it didn't however stop transfer if i touched my face or had been leaning on my hands. It held my bronzer perfectly but with my blusher being a second layer over the top of my bronzer it didn't quite hold as much.

All in all this i defiantly a good investment for any one looking for a skin pefector that doesn't like the coloured element of a BB or CC cream . With a low price tag but higher grade ingredients this product has the longevity to last but not to break the bank.

 * * * * *
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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Spring skin brighteners

So we all want to look our best in the summer, here are five of my favourite skin brighteners to get you summer beautiful.

The Body shop vitamin c facial radiance capsules. Made to smooth and revive skin,apply one capsule at night time before applying night cream. These capsules leave skin smooth to touch and vibrant when you wake. Improving skin elasticity and protecting against environmental aggressors. 28 capsules for an amazing £15

The elemis pro radiance flash balm. A new type of 'hybrid moisturiser'. This radiance boosting moisturiser helps to prevent moisture loss,fights the early signs of ageing and acts as a primer for make up. I love this cream,unlike most radiance creams it doesn't contain reflective pigments which can sometimes be quite obvious and just cover imperfections rather than fixing them. You can use it on top of a serum if you have a drier skin type or on its own for a normal to oily skin type. £33 for 50ml.

Decleor life radiance energising vitamin cure formally known as the 10 day powder cure. This ten day active serum helps to reduce blemishes, moisturiser, and tighten pores for a smooth, even and radiant skin. In the set you get two lids. One containing the powder and one to use as a dropper. To activate this serum you click the lid down to release the powder into the serum and shake until well mixed. You only apply this for ten days as after this time the active ingredients become inactive. A little more on the expensive side but a great last minute booster if you only have a couple of weeks until a special occasion. £24

Maybelline dream fresh BB cream, now this is the ultimate last minute fix. BB creams are made to blur imperfections, smooth and protect the skin. Apply directly to freshly cleansed skin and voila. I love a good BB cream they make you look fresh and awake and have the fab price tag of just £6.99 :-)

Benefit 'that gal' brightening primer. A luxury pale pink cream which helps to brighten and smooth skin. This primer does contain very small reflective pigments so gives a very gentle glow,the pale pink colour gives a beautiful dewy look to the complexion. I sometimes use this alone if I'm having a make up free day just to brighten my look or for a full on make up I use under make up.I loove this product, great for when I just want to look perky.  A bit of an investment at £22.50 but a little goes a long way and it stays all day.

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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Boots advent calander final 10 days

The final 10 days of the 

Boots advent calender

Firstly sorry this is soooo late....too much going on in my life right now....So i kept you up to date with the first 14 the final ten in the run up to Christmas day. A wee bit late I know but this is what weddings and moving house at the same time do for you!! 

Day 15
Day 15 was the seventeen tattoo me eyeliner....amazing product. Really easily applied and lasts forever no smudging what so ever. Did have a slight problem removing it once or twice if I didn't have alot of eye make up remover left but a defo for anyone who needs a liquid liner that lasts.
* * * * *

Day 16
Day 16 was s bit of a disappointment was a handbag sized dotty nail file,cute but just a cheap emery board that's just roughs your nails up!

Day 17

Day 17 was the soap and glory flake away body scrub. Including a mixture of Shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar this scrub makes for a lush shower/bathing experience. This does exactly what it says on the tin, scrubbed away rough scaley skin leaving the skin super smooth and soft...a must for any bathroom cabinet. A great sized miniature..used up way too quickly though.
* * * * *

Day 18
Day 18 brought me ghost moonlight,  I've said it before and I'll say it again..perfume is a very personal thing and is different on each person. I'm personally not a fan of this brand..bit too strong and musky for me. But a great brand non the less, not impressed with the vial,difficult to open so tends to result in spillage! 

Day 19
Day 19 brings a full size pot of Carmex. A beautiful balm which relieves rough dry lips,they even recommend for treatment of cold sores.  It has menthol in it so leaves the lips cool, tingly and smooth. A great full size of a well known brand.
* * * *

Day 20
Day 20 gave me the mavala glitter polish. A beautiful silver glitter with a rainbow shine. Beautiful colour and sparkle from an old school brand that stands the test of time. I looved it and used it along side my red I had got previously in the calender.
* * * * *

Day 21
Day 21 I received boots botanics heat protection hair serum. Protects hair against heat and frizziness. I was surprised at the size of this seemed quite a small bottle but you only need to use the tiniest drop. I have quite long hair and only need one pump. I use on damp hair and then either use with heat styling or I leave to dry naturally. It does not leave an oily or sticky residue and smooths really well. It also smells lush.  
* * * *

Day 22
Day 22 brought me a beautiful nude nails inc polish midi. I looove nails inc. Its an amazing brand with gorgeous colours, the polishes last really well and give good coverage with just one coat..although two is always preferable . This colour is perfect for autumn/winter seasons.
* * * * *

Day 23
The day before Christmas eve saw a rather large door :) behind it was the Umberto Gianni glam hair back comb in a bottle. The idea of this product is to give you that back comb effect with out having to create those nasty knots for real, you apply a little to the hair, rough up and go. I have only used this once, to create this affect it kind of sticks the hair in place after you rough it up, which leaves the hair quite sticky and did however hold the style quite well. I'm undecided. 
* * *

The last day of my Calendar and i was a little sad if i tell the truth...and a little disappointed with what that day brought me. Yes it was a full size product but i was hoping for something quite was a seventeen BLOW OUT mascara. 'Blow eyelashes out of all proportion with our full bodied SEVENTEEN Blow Out Mascara, with 12x volume and conditioning Argon Oil!'
The mascara is quite a reasonably priced one at just £6.29, I'm very fussy with mascara so once i have found the one i use it to death until discontinued or the formula changes so i am obsessed with the benefit they're real one at the moment. This mascara was of average quality for this price range, i tend to prefer a more plasticky brush these days and this one has a classic bristle brush. It lasted well so if i wasn't able to splash out on the benefit i would more than likely go for this one .
* * * 

On Christmas eve i also received a Points gift voucher to receive triple points on any of the products from the advent calender. I absolutely loved having a beauty advent calender and highly recommend getting one, the boots one was soo reasonably priced. I may go for a different brand next year and see what that will bring me, I like the excitement of having a product every day rather than the average fattening choc. 
Apologies again for this last instalment taking soo long...currently buying a house, organising my wedding and running the salon i work in. 

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