Monday, 16 December 2013

Boots advent calender week 2

Boots Advent Calender 
Week Two

 Here is my second weeks round up to the Boots beauty advent calender .

Day 8

  Day number 8 was a rather large door, very exciting. I got a umbertto gianni hair band :-). It was super pretty, just what you need to jazz a hair do up, and it has no metal attatchments so didnt break or damage the hair.
* * * * *

Day 9

 Day number 9 was a Boots seventeen supreme shine polish in 'miami'. Iv heard of this brand a long time ago, i look at it as a funky teen brand from boots. The brush is a little short and stubby for my liking but is made for ease of use and quicker coverage. The colour covers well with just two coats, no streaks, and a high shine finish.The polish is a little thin but gave a good few days wear out of it. Will be a great colour  for the summer time. most definatly reccomended.
* * * *

Day 10

 Day 10 was the orly bonder base coat. I have used orly for a long time, the bonder base coat is a rubberised base coat which lets the polish grip to the base coat for extended wear. This is also a great base coat for people who tend to bash their hands alot, the rubberised base helps to cushion knocks. I wouldnt really say that this base coat holds the polish on any longer but is a great nail protector. The bottle was a mini 5ml so great to carry in your handbag for last minute protection and shine.

* * * *

Day 11

Day 11 was a tester vial of ghost perfume. Now firstly its a tester vial and not a spray bottle which i soon as you manage to prize the vial lid off you more often than not spill half of it from the force of tugging the lid off. Ghost is quite a strong, over powering scent.This was not to my liking and neither was the bottle...this was given away


Day 12

Day 12 was the third nail product of the week...had a bit more variety in the first week. The Boots nail shine solution. A high shine top coat that helps to strengthen the nails. It can either be used on its own as a strengthener or as a top coat over a colour. It gives a real high shine finish, you do need to make sure you have enough product on the brush other wise it can drag a little, its quite a thick top coat so doesnt spread as far as others.
* * * *

Day 13

 Day 13 was another vichy product, the liftactiv serum 10 for eyes and eye this is the same as the previous vichy product. Its a great trial size but has absolutly no instructions what so ever, i had to again look it up online to find out what it was for and how to use it. The vichy liftactiv serum 10 can be applied to the eye contour area to lift, firm and smooth, it is also quoted to fortifie lashes. The application instructions were a little brief so im not sure if i need to apply directly to lashes or not? The serum itself is thin and absorbs very easily and has a very delicate scent.
* * *

Day 14

 Day number 14 brings another perfume sample. This one is the Juciy couture couture la la. A really feminine girly scent with mandarin and bold florals. A 1.5ml sample with a spray lid :) A handy size for the hand bag. This is the fourth perfume sample from the calender. They are a great way to try out a differant perfume. I do Prefer the ones with the spray lid...saves you spilling. And 1.5ml is a great size..enough for a few uses. Perfumes react with your individual scents and bacterias on the skin so its allways good to try it on your own skin rather than going by what other like or wear.
* * * *

All in all this week was a bit dissapointing compared to last being that i had three nail polishes and two more perfumes. Good products but could have done with a little more variety and maybe some more make up.
We shall see what the next week brings

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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Boots advent calender

Boots Christmas advent calender

Week One

So as i promised here is my follow up on my boots beauty advent calender. So far i have had seven beautiful presents......


Day one was a 75 ml soap and glory clean girl shower gel. It was a lovely treat to get such a big product on the first day. 
A rich creamy shower cream with a slight pearlescent sheen. It really foams up and has a sweet smell, this was my first product i had used from the soap and glory brand although i have bought it for friends in the past knowing it was a luxurious treat. A beautiful start to the advent calender.
* * * * *

Day two was a smaller door but equally as exciting as day one. I received a bamli lip balm. Id never heard of this brand before so it was nice to try something new. When i opened the balm i was expecting a inverted pot of my surprise when i opened i had a pyramid of balm protruding from the centre of the pot. The balm is smooth and silky, i had strawberry flavour which was lush and tasted just like strawberry quality street. I think i will definitely be making a follow up purchase for these cute little balms which also have a handy keyring attachment
* * * * *


Day three was a 5ml mavala nail polish in a beautiful classic hot red. Iv known of mavala since my college days, a real old school company, a staple in the beauty world. The colour was soo beautiful, a real Christmas red and went on really well. Nice and smooth, thin and dried in a good time. The size of the bottle was a really good size to try as well. Another fabulous beauty treat. By this time i am super excited when i get up in the morning to open the next door.

* * * * *


Day four was my first small door :-( but again a super great gift. Today i had a 1.5 ml Nina by Nina Richi spray perfume. A great spray rather than a small vial. I have seen adverts for this perfume numerous times as it has sponsored a few programmes on channel four before. Now obviously perfume is a very personal affair, some you like some you don't, it all depends on your own natural smell.
This one was a sweet, soft fragrance, very girly and i loved it...its nearly all gone in fact after a few days!

* * * *


Day number five......Rimmel stay matte foundation. Again a nice size trial, not just a sachet. The colour itself was a little off my own skin tone, I'm not a foundation fan anyway so i did find this one a little thick and heavy, but nice to give it a go. Its application was good, it spread evenly and smoothly. I found i had a little transfer when touching or scratching my face...which is part of the reason i tend to avoid foundation in the first place, But good coverage and other than touching transfer it lasted well.
* * *


 Day six was another brand i had not heard of, a 3ml tube of Vichy serum. It was presented well in a nice little box, very sleek. I did however have to fathom out the serum myself as there wasn't any application instructions. The serum its self was silky smooth and absorbed into the skin really well, Not a lot of scent to it so id say a good serum for all skin types. I feel maybe it needed a little more instructional and factual information on it to really explain the whys and wheres.
* * 


Day number seven...the last day of the week..boooooo..but hey we still have another 17 days to go :-). Pacco Rabanne Black xs perfume. Another 1.5ml sample to give this perfume a really good try. Like i said before perfume is a very personal choice as your own hormones and bacterias on your skin changes how a perfume smells, this one is a little more of a deep, spicy scent but still a lovely girly scent. Good if you like a strong sure perfume.
A great trial size of a popular brand, soo many perfumes out there to try and even more being released this time of year.
* * * *

Keep a look out for the next seven day update on this fabulous new craze of the beauty advent calender.
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Thursday, 21 November 2013

All That Glitters

All That Glitters

The nail trend for 2013's Christmas season is most definitely a sparkly one. Iv created my low down on the latest collections from some of the top nail brands in the business so you can let your nails sparkle all season through.

Jessica , Effects glitzy
The second instalment from the Jessica effects collection. The collection is built of six glitter with top coat built in. A mixture of chunky and fine glitters to compliment a wide range of colours. Sparkles is a holographic glitter, star spangles a mixture of red and blue sequined glitter, razzle dazzle is blue sequin and holographic strands, sizzle...a true Dorothy ruby glitter,glam it up a purple and blue sequin glitter,  and finally bling it back a black and white polka dot. There are no seasonal gift sets which include these colours but they are available individually for £10.50 each.

China glaze, Happy holiglaze
Made up of a whopping 12 colours, Happy holigalze consists of 3 glitters, 7 pearlised colours and one matte textured polish. Launched from this collection for the festive season are 8 different sets, they include £13.75 for three polishes,. £17.95 for four mini polishes, other gift sets include extra gifts from necklaces and purses to a shot glass or a cuddly polar bear. Prices for the sets including an extra gift range from £13.75 through to £27.50. Or you can buy your favourites individually the colours are £6.95 each.

Opi, Mariah holiday collection
After previously collaborating with Mariah Carey Opi has released an amazing 18 colours with her, this time for Christmas 2013. The collection includes your classic shades of reds and Burgundy's. Golds, chocolate hues, bronzes, glitters and liquid sands which includes a vibrant icy blue perfect for the winter season. Along with the polishes are four gift sets ranging from £11.55 for three mini liquid sands or three mini colours, £13.95 for four mini polishes, and £23 for three full size polishes (one of which is a glitter), Or you can grab your favourite individual full size colours for £11.50 each.  Another great Christmas addition is the pure 18ct gold topcoat, which retails at £29.98 and leaves a gold fleck over which ever colour you apply it to. 

 Jessica go for gold collection
This mini collection is packed with all the shimmer you could need for Christmas. The collection consists of four golds,Gold digger a gold strand, guilded beauty a solid gold, star struck a chunky gold glitter and heart of gold a hologram gold which shines all season long, the polishes are available in a mini set, each polish 5ml. retails at £15.95.

Essie Encrusted collection
For something a little different this season why not try the Essie encrusted collection. Six amazing caviar, jewel encrusted textured polishes.The collection consists of a mixture of silvers, ice blue, black, gold and strand glitter.Available individually for £7.99.

There is a massive selection out there at the moment to keep you glittering all season long. for more info on the collections i have featured follow the following links

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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Beauty advent calenders

Christmas beauty advent calendarers

Tis the season to be jolly fa la la la la......i have recently found a amazing new trend coming to us beauty fiends ...the beauty advent calendar!! Oh yes you heard me right. I first heard of the benefit advent calendar from a friend who works for the company...unfortunately they are in very limited supply. This got me very excited about the idea though, then a couple of weeks later found that boots were selling their very own beauty advent calendar...which my fiancè now has on order for me . I dug a little deeper and found that quite a few brands have jumped at this brilliant idea. They are obviously a little more expensive than your standard chocolate ones (and less calories) but oh so worth the pennies to any beauty junkie such as myself. For twenty four days you get a daily product treat...then on Christmas day hopefully some more beauty treats. Here's some of the best i have found for this new trend.....

Benefit countdown to love
Packed full of 24 days worth of benefit beauty. The advent calendar contains some of benefits best sellers, a charm necklace,a charm bracelet and a  barrette (also known as a hair clip/slide). All products are travel sized but just enough to keep you beautiful.
This advent calendar is £50 and on sale for one day (as far as i know November 3rd or 4th) only at a few specific counters so get in quick ladies.


Boots beauty advent calendar
Filled with full size and miniature beauty treats the boots advent calendar includes a range of brands that they sell within their stores such as soap and glory, nails inc, paco robanne, juicy couture, mavala....the list goes on. The calender is a bit of a bargain at just £30!!! Look out for my future blog of the full calendar once i get my hands on it ;-) on sale now online and in larger stores.

Behind each door you will find a beautiful miniature ciaté polish in their best selling colours. Four of their mini caviar blends, and three extra special limited edition colours (that will not be available elsewhere). A must have for any nail polish fan, £42 ...that's just £1.75 a polish!!
Available now in selfridges.

Selfridges advent calendar
This exclusive advent calendar includes miniature and full size products from brands such as ysl, lancôme, kiehl and more. 24 days of pure luxury at £48. Definitely one for a lancôme lover. Available now in store

I cant wait for December to start so i can ope the first door on my beauty advent calender, i hope you all grab hold of one of these beautys as your Christmas treat 

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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Jessica fearlessly pink oct 2013

Jessica fearlessly pink collection

It is that time of year again,for a long time now October has been breast cancer awareness month. Now to help raise money for the cause each year many of the high street and salon brands release themed products and donate from the sales.
This year Jessica has not disappointed with their contribution.

They have released the fearlessly pink collection,which consists of two brand new colours made especially for the cause,with the breast cancer awareness bow printed on the bottles. The two colours are not available separately,but from past experience if the colours are popular enough they are generally put into their main colour collection as permanent colours.
The first colour compassionate heart is a pale baby pink,semi clear so with one coat you could use for a french base, survivor is a glam pink glitter.

The set cost £17.50 which is a saving of £2.50 on Jessica's normal price of £9.75 each. The really nice thing about this set is that all profits are going straight to breast the worlds leading on line breast health and breast cancer resource.Breast is a non profit organisation dedicated to providing information and community to all of those who have been touched by the disease. (for more info follow this link : . I don't think i have seen a product donate such a high percentage to a breast cancer cause, normally it is only a pound or two so hats of to Jessica who are making no profit at all from this set. 

Now down to the nitty gritty. The polish as with all Jessica polishes paints on really easily, i was really impressed with the glitter, you actually get a decent amount of glitter onto the nail. With some other glitters you have to blob them on and move the glitter about to get a decent coverage. compassionate heart is a really cute pink, almost a strawberry milk shake, which can be used as a french base if you use one coat or beautiful soft pink with two coats . I painted them on on a Saturday night and it was still intact by the following Friday,i was using nail varnish remover on customers at work and had my hands in water a lot so this is a really durable polish. Both colours are fine to have on their own or together, But in the spirit of the month i will be wearing both together for the duration of October.

All in all this is an amazing set, new colours designed for a great cause and the company is making no profit what so ever from it.

* * * * *

For more information on the set and where to find your nearest Jessica salon follow this link

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Body shop vitamin E cool BB cream

The Body shop vitamin E 

Cool BB cream

The market is still awash with BB creams so I'm now trying my second (my first the maybelline dream fresh BB cream . My latest product crush is The Body Shop so i thought id try their new vitamin E cool BB cream
'Meet our skincare hero,vitamin E cool BB cream. Our new take on BB cream illuminates,evens tone and protects with moisture for 12 hours'

Much like all BB creams it promises a lot....but will it stand the test of time..... The packaging is beautiful,in a girly pale pink tube with very clear title, and instructions on the back. I have not used any of the body shop facial products so far but have heard a lot of great reviews about them. At £10 this BB cream doesn't break the bank and you have the satisfaction of knowing that no animals have been tested on and by The Body Shops strict ruling the ingredients are sourced responsibly. 

 When you first decant the BB cream it is quite a thick consistency,a thick cream foundation kind of consistency with a very solid colour. When applied to the face the BB cream glides on easily and covers very well with the colour blending very well and evenly. After a very busy few weeks i have become a little run down and have accumulated a few blemishes...three tiny very red ones in particular on my nose, my skin has been looking a little dull and washed out. After applying the BB cream my skin looked amazing,a fresh dewy glow and an even complexion with out being shiny or overly obvious that you have a tinted cream on.  Now it didn't cover my red blemishes so a little concealer was needed....but this is a BB cream and not a foundation so its not likely to cover everything and doesn't claim to cover every thing.  

The BB cream comes in one 'cool' shade which for my slightly olivey skin was great. I do think though if you have a very dark skin or very pale skin that you should try a little from a tester in store on the jaw line to make sure it blends with your we all no one size doesn't fit all. I applied the BB cream over the top of my daily moisturiser, If you have an oilier skin type i think you could get away with using this as your day cream,for a dryer skin i would definitely recommend using your day cream underneath as the thickness and high colour of the BB cream will cling to drier patches.

It gave great coverage which lasted all day, although later on in the day before i went out i thought i would redo my make up and applied a little more BB cream and found that putting extra on does result in the product balling and peeling. Also due to the thickness and the strength of the colour you need to be careful if you have nails and scratch your the BB cream comes off! 

I have to say this BB cream lives up to all expectations and the down points really do not  outweigh the good points,id most definitely recommend the Vitamin Es newest family member if you need a little pick me up or a base for full on face of make up.....this will be a staple in my make up bag for some time to come.

* * * * *

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    Sunday, 28 July 2013

    My Benefit make over

    My Benefit make over

    I recently visited my local benefit counter to have a make up trial, i have recently become a massive fan of benefit. The make up although pricey is such good quality and works really well with my skin...a little goes a long way and maximises my skins brightness. The day i had my trial was one of the hottest of summer 2013 so far at a sweltering 32°c. So to cool me off the counter assistant sprayed my face and neck with a little ultra radiance rehydrating mist,followed by a quick application of the triple performance moisturiser. 

    Now to make the best of any face you need to create a blank canvas so firstly The pore fessional was applied this minimises pores and smooths the complexion. She then applied a small amount of the new stay flawless 8 hour primer,this amazing new primer acts like a magnet holding onto make up no matter what.


    To complete my flawless blank canvas she next applied the hello flawless oxygen wow foundation. Now normally i don't wear foundation,much more of a powder bronzer girl. She applied the foundation with a brush which was also new to me, if i do use liquid foundation i tend to use a sponge or fingers,the finish was nice and smooth although a little paler than I'm used to. Like i say i tend to use bronzer. Now to follow a quick application of stay don't stray primer on my eye lids to ensure there is no creasing or movement of the eye shadow.


    I just wanted a natural smokey effect but wanted to be able to use more than two colours like i normally do. So on top of the primer the benefit counter assistant applied a layer of the creasless cream shadow over the whole lid to illuminate, she then applied a darker shade of kiss me I'm tipsy to the outer of my eye lid, applying in the crease of my eye socket and the lower part of the lid along the eyelash line and filled the triangle created with a slightly lighter gilt-y pleasure (both shades of soft browns with slight pearlisation). She Blended the inner half of my eye lid with a softer lighter shadow 'call my bluff' and swept this right up to my brow bone, to make this smokey affect nice and soft she patted a little pink shade in the centre of my eye lid.

    This gave my eyes a really soft dewy/smokey affect, which is just what i was looking for. It didn't feel or look like i had too much shadow on as it was soo softly blended. After applying my eye shadow we then needed to cover my dark circles, She applied the 'light' fake up concealer, which i already have at home. This concealer is made up of a moisturising balm and concealer in the centre to help hydrate the eyes, reduce fine lines and puffiness as well covering dark circles.Next came my cheeks, i had the brand new fine-one-one stick which combines a more coral tone balm, pink balm and highlighter in one to colour and highlight the cheeks and cheek bone. 

    Last but no means least the last defining touches for my eyes, I have been using the 'they're real' mascara and have found that there has been a little transfer on to the skin during the day so she applied the bad gal lash in waterproof, I found this mascara really separated my lashes but kept them looking natural. now having quite dark thick brows i don't tend to do much with them apart from the occasional tint to darken the thicker area in the middle and most definitely apply clear mascara to tame the stray ones during the day. Using a fine brush the assistant filled in my brows with a combination of both colours in the 'brow zings' set. When you buy this set it comes with two colours for filling in the gaps, application brushes and a pair of tweezers to keep your brows picture perfect. To keep them in place she applied a thin layer of the speed brow, a tinted version of clear mascara. 

    My final finished make up!
    A lot of work goes into a proper make up application, i was really pleased with it and bought the eyeshadow palette. This was a great bargain at just £23.50....each individual shadow is £15 alone!! Benefit make up is by no means the cheapest brand around but it is most definitely worth the money and if your a little savvy like me you can buy the special multi packs of products so you get a few miniatures, which will being smaller than full size get used up before they have chance to go off..but are amazing value for money as you get a little of a few things! The only thing i would change in the application was to use a bronzer instead of a foundation...but this does depend on the time of year.

    If you want any more info on anything Benefit take a look at their website

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    Take a read of my blog on the benefit fake up concealer used in this trial...

    Tuesday, 23 July 2013

    Jessica summer collection 'bright wings'

    Jessica's Bright wings

    Bright wings Jessica's summer collection 2013 is made up of six fresh summer colours. Natures fairy a bright berry purple, fierce flyer a hot summer red, wing woman a blood orange, floating beauty a fierce summer pink, social butterfly a deep orange coral and fanciful flight a deep hot pink.

    The collection of six block, bold colours unfortunately includes No shimmers or pearlised which was a little disappointing for the summer as i think most of us like a bit of shimmer and sparkle in the summer. That was not the first disappointment for me on this collection. After working with Jessica products for over 8 and a half years i do find that year after year they seem to fail with new inspiration for colours. Whether they are just sitting safe or don't have the imagination I'm not sure. 

    The colour selection although very similar to previous years is a beautiful selection for summer, especially social butterfly and natures fairy. There is a little something for everyone whether you like a really shocking bright colour or something a little more subtle, a couple of the colours such as fierce flyer and floating beauty are reruns of  forever classic colours.

    The application is very good solid colour straight away, recently over the last year to two years i have noticed that the block colours in the different Jessica collections are quite a thick consistency which for a pro is easy to apply thinly to make a nice even finish, maybe slightly more difficult for someone less steady when painting at home though . I have also found that with this solid coverage that the polishes last that bit longer. lasting that extra day to two days makes your mani or pedi seem worth all the bother. Like i said the colours have no pearlisation at all so i jazzed my pedicure with social butterfly up with pink crystal glitter.There are many simple ways to jazz up a colour now, glitter, shatter or even some simple nail art with a dotting tool. Jessica have also recently released a matte topcoat for a non shine finish. The choice is yours.

     At the moment the bright wings collection is available in normal polish only, but following jessisca's recent trend, the most popular of the collection i am sure will be transferred into geleration in the not too distant future.
    All in all a nice collection but could have been a little more origonal.
    Bright wings are available now in salons and online.

    Rating out of five stars
    * * *

    for more information on Jessica polishes and products visit

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    Sunday, 9 June 2013

    Home fake tanning guide

    Achieve the perfect home fake tan

    Haven't got the money to have a tan applied by a professional?'s my guide on how to achieve the perfect home fake tan

    Patch test
    First and foremost always make sure if you have not used a fake tan before that you carry out a patch test to ensure you do not have any allergies to the ingredients. A patch test can be carried out by applying a little of the product to the crease on the inside of your arm or just behind the ear. If you have an allergy you will experience redness, itching and maybe a little swelling in the patch test area. Please follow packet instructions if this does happen.

    Hair removal 
    Whether you are waxing, shaving or using hair removal cream always make sure u remove hair 24 hours prior to a tanning treatment. Hair removal will leave open pores affecting the overall results of the tan. It can also cause infections due to the fake tan entering open pores.

    Shower and Exfoliate

    Prior to any fake tan treatment you always need to make sure the skin is free from perfumes and oils. Exfoliating is key to achieving an even tan. Using an exfoliating scrub (if a matching one to your brand of tan is available this is normally the better one to choose) scrub all over the body, concentrating on areas such as the elbows, knees, underarms and ankles. These are the areas that tend to be the driest and will hold more tan. Make sure you DO NOT use a salt scrub or any other scrub containing too much oil prior to a tan as this will stop the tan from being applied evenly.

    The next step in making sure your tan comes out evenly..moisturise. Apply moisturiser to feet (inc ankles), knees, hands (inc wrists), elbows and under arms. Like with the exfoliation these are the areas that tend to have the thicker dryer skin so extra care needs to be taken to make them as smooth and soft as possible. Make sure you apply a little extra cream to any areas that you personally find dry.

    Applying the tan
    A pair of surgical gloves is always a good idea if you want to avoid tango palms. Depending on the brand and type of the tan (I.E cream, mousse, mist) follow manufacturers instructions. But take special care to blend tan over knees, feet and hands. You don't want as much tan on these areas, if you can apply a little less to the insides of your arms also.This createS the illusion of a more natural tan. Make sure in the time you leave a tan on to develop that you wear dark loose clothing, For the ladies avoid wearing your bra if possible to avoid strap marks. Avoid applying deodorant and perfume as certain brands will react with fragrances and affect the pigment of the tan.One last thing to avoid whilst the tan is developing is to is exercise, anything that makes you sweat is risking your tan moving and coming out patchy.

    Maintaining your tan
    Once you have washed the tan off after development make sure you moisturise on a daily basis to prolong your tan for as long as possible. When showering make sure you avoid shower gels that include citris ingredients as the citric acid from these will strip the tan off. Avoid swimming pools also as chlorine Will cut the amount of time your tan lasts.Once a few days has passed start to scrub in the shower/bath to help the tan fade a little more evenly. But most imprtantly enjoy looking gorgeous and bronzed.

    Now go..... get tanning

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    Tuesday, 4 June 2013

    Benefit fakeup concealer

    Benefit fakeup concealer

    So my search for the perfect concealer continues. At the age of 26 with a busy career and social life it is proving difficult to find a concealer that will cover dark circles and stay put all day without either waring away or sinking into my one laughter line under my eyes! I had recently seen an advert for benefits 'boing' concealer which boasts 'This award-winning concealer camouflages dark circles, shadows and discolouration without creasing or fading. Even better…the industrial-strength formula is now available in FIVE shades, with a full range from light to deep. Now all gals can be imperfection-free.'

    whilst eyeing up boing in my local Debenhams a benefit consultant came over and offered her assistance(super friendly and not too pushy), after explaining what i wanted out of a concealer she introduced me to the 'fakeup conceler' that had just been released.
    'Fakeup, hydrate and conceal, its elementary darling' 

    Fake up is a crease control concealer with vitamin e and apple seed extract. The concealer is made up of the coloured concealer in the centre with A rich moisturising balm around the edge. Vitamin E is a well known antioxident that helps to protect and heal skin, a well known ade in the fight against ageing skin. Apple seed extract is vitamin rich and helps to nourish, protect and soften. Available in three shades, fake up is designed to hide dark circles and diffuse fine lines for a silky smooth, ultra natural look.
     The benefit consultant sat me down and applied the concealer to one eye so i could compare before and after, the concealer looked great, nice and bright and not too heavy. Some concealers can be yellowy or just thick and claggy and show up more than what they are trying to conceal. At £18.50 i felt this was bit of a bargain from benefit, i purchased 01 light.

    The consultant applied the concealer from the inside corner down the contour under my eye, and then the same from the outer corner so i had a semi circle of concealer under my eye. Then with her ring finger (always use your ring finger ladies when applying eye cream or make up to the eye area, its the most gentle finger you can use) patting and spreading the concealer. She then lightly brushed over with a soft make up brush to smooth the final result. This was very easy to recreate at home. 

    The concealer even though it has a balm included doesn't feel very heavy or thick, you can barely notice it. It is also just a flat colour which is quite nice as sometimes reflecting pigments can lead to a shiny disco feel..not the effect you want from a daily concealer.

    The application is super easy and it feels really light. On some of my more tired days i struggled to completely cover my dark circles but it just about did the trick. It covered really well and lasted all of my working day. I have found that i need to reapply though on a longer day, being that the concealer is in a lipstick type tube i was able to just pop it in my bag and go.It was true to its word and didnt migrate to the crease under my eye causing and unsigtly build up, and the skin around my eyes does feel a little softer and smoother.

    I bought the hula bronzer kit at the same time as buying the concealer and i must admit i am a bit addicted to benefit now! All in all a good concealer but could do with being a bit thicker/longer Lasting for those days when i am looking less than perfect.

    * * * *

                 For more info on Benefit and its stockists visit 

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