Sunday, 28 April 2013

Opi,Oz the great and powerful

Opi, Oz the great and powerful collection

The Opi spring collection based around Disney's latest release Oz the great and powerful, consists of seven natural shades, glitters and a brown liquid sand. Lights of emerald city a white confetti, Don't burst my bubble a pale neutral, simply bananas a gold confetti, Glints of Glinda a natural beige, Which is witch a silver glitter with an iridescent sparkle, I Theodore you a sheer pink, and finally what wizardry is this? a shimmery liquid sand brown.
'Become awash in the colours inspired by the fantasy and magic of oz with seven new shades that evoke the oz effect- the transformation of ordinary nails into the land of oz astonishing'

From the collection i chose the miniatures set which includes I Theodore you, Don't burst my bubble, Glints of Glinda and what wizardry is this? All polishes in the set are 3.75ml which is a great size for testing out some of the collection and fantastic for taking away for a quick paint or touch up. I would have liked a glitter in with set as there is three in the collection, But the selection was great. The packaging is beautiful with pictures from the films promotion shots, and the polishes all on display.

I'm already a big fan of the opi colours but do normally find they don't always last that long on my nails. I thought id have a little fun with these colours to try out a couple in one go. This was my first time using liquid sand, and seeing that it was textured i was expecting it to be a little difficult to paint on and maybe drag a little, so i painted the liquid sand on quite thin and very cautiously. It painted on just like a normal polish, smooth and no dragging, the liquid sand dries matte and from what i ascertained from the web no top coat is needed. But if you're a stickler for the rules like me opi have released a matte top coat. Once the liquid sand had dried it basically had a sand paper finish, matte and a little lumpy but not catchy or too rough so that it will scratch on anything.

I also used I Theodore you and one of my older opi glitters, now five days later my nails still look the same as the day i painted them. I'm super impressed with the liquid sand. I really wasn't sure about having a textured polish but found that it looked even more sparkly as it wasn't a flat colour, and it doesn't ware away any quicker with out top coat, the only problem that's not so much of a problem more a note for future reference is when i painted the polish over the free edge of my nail after a few hours it had worn off the free edge due to the rough finish . This is a great colour collection for the spring season, The neutrals maybe a little boring but they are fresh and clean and can be made up with a little sparkle, the miniatures set is great value for money at just £13.95 for four polishes.

 The neutrals are a must for spring, but try jazzing them up with a little glitter or nail art. Or both!
The natural shades in this collection would also be great to use as a base in a french much diversity in one collection. A must have for a fresh spring look.

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Sunday, 21 April 2013

summer pedi!!

Ten steps for your perfect summer home pedi!

The sun is out so the flip flops and the disastrous winter feet follow.
After months of being cooped up up in boots and wellies our feet could do with a little TLC.
 Here's my top ten steps to perfect summer pedi at home.


1. Foot filing / pumice 

Old fashioned pumices are a no no they just don't do the job needed. After a long winter heels and edges of the feet can be dry and unsightly. Using a ceramic hard skin foot file on dry skin really helps to reduce hard dry calloused skin. Using a gentle sweeping motion across the heels and edges gently file away hard careful not to rub too much as the hard skin is there for a reason so taking too much away will make your feet sore.
The Jessica ceramic hard skin remover works wonders, with a hard and smooth side £17.85
For something a little more purse friendly a local beauty wholesaler will have a selection to choose from.

2. Exfoliate
Exfoliating will help to get rid of all the dry surface skin to reveal softer smoother skin, Always try and use a specific foot exfoliater for your feet, they tend to have fruit enzymes or aha's in for a double exfoliation (enzymes and aha's help to break down dry skin whilst the abrasive scrub will help to remove and soften the harder skin). Scrub all over the foot and around the ankle, taking time to concentrate on heels and balls of feet. 
The Jessica purifying enzyme scrub is a great softener and a bargain at just £8.95
Or for a little luxury the sanctuary luxury foot polish at £5.50  

3. soak
Giving your feet a soak whether in a pedi spa, a bath or even a bowl helps to relax, soothe and it also helps in softening the cuticles. Sit back, relax and soak your feet for around ten minutes. For a reviving cooling foot soak try something like the body shop peppermint reviving foot soak for £7
For something a little more relaxing and  softening try the Hoof foot soak just £2.99

4. cuticles
Toes being cooped up and neglected all winter can lead to dry stubborn cuticles.  After soaking your feet, use and orange wood stick or a hoof stick to gently push back excess cuticle and then using a pair of cuticle nippers gently remove excess cuticle. Orange wood sticks, hoof sticks and cuticle nippers are all available from local beauty wholesalers, and pharmacy's.

5. clipping and filing
This is the tricky bit, as simple as it may seem you always need to stick to one rule when clipping and filing your toe nails...Always Clip and file straight across, don't be tempted to curve the nail edge in any way as this can lead to ingrowing toe nails. Using either nail scissors or nail clippers, cut straight across to desired length and then finish off with a gentle file (in one direction) to smooth edges.  After using Jessica for nearly nine years now these are my favourite files as they take length down creating just a  fine dust,they have a range for normal and soft nails

6. moisturise
Give your feet a good drink of moisture by applying cream all over the foot and right up past the ankles, concentrating on the ankles and heels especially, to banish unsightly dry skin and cracks. For super dry heels a specific heel cream applied a few times a week can help soften and reduce the dryness. A couple of my favourites that i use on a weekly basis, the Jessica heel repair can even be used on dry elbows and knees
the Avon  over night renewing cream, great for applying over night for soft happy feet in the morning  

7.  Squeak
No not like a mouse...squeaking simple means to rub over each nail with a little nail varnish remover to remove all excess oils. This will help you polish to adhere properly to your nail and last longer.

8.  Base coat
Base coat is a must have when doing any painting of fingers or toes. Base coats are multi functional essential, they provide a treatment to the nail plate whether it be for dry, brittle, flaking or normal nails. They also prevent staining of the nail from super bright and super dark colours...we've all had the yellow stain from a polish before, admit it! And finally they help to hold your polish in place for that little bit longer. A Couple of my favourites... Jessica reward base coat, £10.75, Nail magic Available at john lewis, And various beauty whole salers.

9. Top coat
After applying two coats of your favourite colour be sure to follow with top coat, This gives you a super shine and helps to seal and protect your colour. Make sure you paint the whole of the nail plate and across the very tip to help seal the ends. My absolute favourite for a super shine .... Orly Glosser

Last but not least.....
10. Quick dry
Quick dry comes in different formula's from drops, to mists to aerosols...either way they make for a fool proof finish to any mani or pedi helping to set your polish quicker and moisturise the nail and cuticle. A fine mist in Orly's spritz dry   Or drops with jessicas quick dry drops

Follow these simple steps and put your best foot forward this summer :)

Kay xx

Friday, 19 April 2013

Avon perfect kiss lip gloss...Coming soon

Avon perfect kiss lip gloss

 First came the Avon perfect kiss lipstick with the promise of silky soft, smooth and instantly plumped lips. Now....they've made it into a lip gloss!!
I'm much more a gloss girl so was really excited when i saw that this was being launched. I had tried the kissable lipstick when that was launched, And like all other lipsticks i found that it just doesn't last on my lips and hasn't got enough moisture in it. Years of wearing gloss has left my lips dependant on their moisture quenching texture.

'Light weight moisturising lip gloss with natural oils and fruit enzymes for softer,smoother more kissable lips. Instantly makes lips look and feel more kissable.'

The gloss is available in 6 shades...not that many compared to the 24 available in the corresponding lip stick. At first glance its a really pretty tube, Quite compact so good for smaller bags. The applicator is quite wide and fat, which makes for super quick application.

 I chose three colours from the collection. 
Butter me up, a translucent coffee colour, this colour gives a really nice neutral shine and would be great for any one wanting a neutral gloss.
Kiss of a rose a deep pinky red with a glittery shine, this colour in the bottle looks like a solid colour but actually gives you a translucent deep pink sparkle.
Pink plush, a candy pink gloss with a fine shimmer. More of a solid colour than the last two so better with a tan as its a rather pale colour.

L-R, butter me up,  kiss of a rose,  pink plush
From the three glosses that i chose you can see that there is both translucent and solid colours in the collection. Which being that Avon is an online/catalogue company this can make ordering and choosing the colour a little tricky compared to trying on a shop floor before buying.......ah ha maybe not. Avon offers a 90 day day no quibble return on all products (t & cs apply to underwear), So whether you just don't like the colour or your skin doesn't agree with the product you can get your money back even if its been used!

After a very quick application (from the wide applicator) i was good to go. My lips felt a little numb at first, i put this down to the fruit enzymes. The fruit enzymes are used to help break down the dry skin to reveal a softer smoother lip and are often added to plumping refining products. Fruit enzymes from fruits such as papaya and pineapple are used in beauty products to help gently break down dry skin rather than using a abrasive scrub. The gloss lasts well, Its not a stain or a long last colour so you do get transfer if drinking...or kissing ;), but this is to be expected. It feels incredibly smooth and non sticky, which is great as often a lot of glosses feel heavy and quite tacky. They all carry the same light sweet scent so nothing too sickly.

Butter me up

kiss of a rose
Pink plush

After continued use my lips were soft and smooth and there was no need to top up my lips moisture levels in between with a balm. I have all ways been a fan of Avon glosses and feel that they have yet again come up with a great release, great colour shine and moisture in one small bottle with super quick application.

please check with your local rep for release dates.

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 for more info on Avon products, to order and to find your local rep

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

L'Oreal Paris nude magique cc cream

L'Oreal Paris nude magique CC cream


So we'v had BB creams ...we now have CC creams. So firstly whats the difference?

A BB cream is a Beauty balm or also known by other brands as a blemish balm,They are there to provide moisturisation and sheer coverage with a fresh dewy finish.
A CC cream is a colour correction cream, made to cover blemishes, slight pigmentation imperfections, moisturise and nourish the skin. So really i would say a new improved BB cream with a foundation like coverage, with more beneficial ingredients relating to the feel of the skin.

L'Oreal have recently launched three new CC creams in anti fatigue for brightening, Anti redness to even out a red complexion, and Anti dullness to even out a yellow complexion.

 I chose the L'Oreal anti fatigue CC cream, I'm in my mid twenties now and I'm starting to find my skin is a little dull from time to time and feel it needs a little pick me up.  
 'The magic Smart Pigment Capsules in a feather-light apricot hydrator transform into foundation on application. Helps wake up the complexion. A perfect nude look with buildable light-weight coverage.'

On first applying the CC cream to the back of my hand it looks even scarier than the BB creams did. It has a very strong colour and  a slightly grainy appearance.It definitely has more of a foundation feel and look to it and leaves a slightly tacky feeling, so the same as i do  with a BB cream id use a translucent powder to set after application and always blend down the neck to avoid the tell tale orange line around the chin. 

I applied the CC cream both on top of moisturiser and on its own. It felt a lot smoother and more even going on to bare skin, A CC cream is built to give coverage and moisture so just using on its own is the better option otherwise it just felt a bit caked on. 


It gave a hell of alot of coverage, evening out my complexion, gave me a little colour (it was on the slightly tangoed side), and moisturised well. I'm not really a foundation wearer and this definitely to me looks and feels like a foundation. It lasted quite well through out the day but i did get a little transfer onto clothing...which is part of the reason for my dislike of liquid foundations. I am struggling to see the pull on this one. I think i much prefer the light weight cover of a BB cream, The CC cream did give more coverage yes, but just felt too heavy and foundation like....and even if i was a foundation wearer there isn't much of a choice with the colour!

A good effort on the newest buzz by L'Oreal but i didn't love it I'm afraid. Awesome coverage but not lightweight enough for my normal to combination skin and colour in daylight was a little oompa loompaish shall we say.


For more info on L'Oreal CC creams and stockists visit

Monday, 15 April 2013

l'oreal elvive Extraordinary oil


  L'Oreal elvive Extraordinary oil


There is a lot of the Moroccan argon hair oils around at the moment and most brands have jumped on the band waggon and bought their own version out ....Apart from L'Oreal elvive.

They launched their extraordinary oil in the middle of the argon oil explosion. 'YOU'LL WONDER HOW YOUR HAIR EVER MANAGED WITHOUT IT '
'Our 1st astonishingly versatile hair oil, enriched with a blend of 6 precious flower extracts. Its your daily shortcut to perfect-looking hair.
* Hair feels nourished & protected
* Brilliantly illuminated '

The oil is advised for all hair types and claims to give hair perfection in five ways, glowing shine, hair feels nourished, silky soft touch, sumptuously smooth and looks perfected. The packaging looks quite luxurious for a retail product that you can buy pretty much anywhere.

This oil promises soo much can it all be a word yes. I seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment as all the new things I'm trying seem to be excellent!! I received a sample of this oil and couldn't wait to give it a try having seen it all over the press.Since growing my hair i seem to have a lot of problems with tangles and breakage especially since last summer when i had a half head of low lights put in, its a bit more brittle.
I have tried serums, oils, leave in conditioners the lot. The problem is my scalp gets greasy and the ends stay bone dry.

The L'Oreal elvive extraordinary oil is quite versatile and can be used in quite a few ways
  • Before shampooing for a nourished feel
  • As a masque for a conditioning treat
  • Before styling to protect the hair
  • As a finishing touch for a sumptuously soft feel and shine
I tried it in damp hair before styling. Being that its my ends that are brittle i only applied a pea sized amount to the length and ends, not on my scalp/at the roots and then left my hair to dry naturally. I noticed as my hair was drying that it all ready looked incredibly smooth and tame rather than the normal frizzy wavy mass.
The next day i straightened my hair as normal and i couldn't believe how soft and smooth it was.The oil had really smoothed my hair out and made it really manageable, even when i went out and about on a windy day and my hair would normally get in a massive tangle it brushed out soo easily.

So i thought a couple of days later when i washed my hair again id give it another go to see if i would end up with a build up that would make my hair greasy. With oils and leave in serums previously i have found that they leave my hair a little thick and lank after two applications. Not true with the L'Oreal elvive. My hair again was soft smooth and manageable. I treated it the same way applied to towel dried hair and left to dry naturally. The third time (in a row) that i used the oil i dried and straightened immediately after hair still came out soft and smooth as before.
I also applied a little after styling to smooth down fly aways. And still no build up, it completely soaks in to give an amazing look and feel.

Now obviously this oil is not a miracle worker i still have my split ends...they just cant be mended, but My hair after four applications has been left, soft, smooth, shiny and more manageable. A definite must fact i am on my way out today to buy the full size product! A little pricier at £9.99 than what id normally spend on a hair products but its proved its worth. 
You can now Buy the oil in the original extraordinary oil and in a colour protection.

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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Monu warming aromatic mask

Monu warming aromatic mask

Another goodie from my glossy box to try out. I have to admit this is my first time trying Monu although i have heard and seen it in professional beauty magazines over the years.

'We believe that natural beauty is best achieved through the use of pure ingredients that provide natural care for the skin, by being committed to this philosophy we are genuinely able to enhance people’s lives.'

 The warming face mask helps to increase vitamin and mineral absorption, natural clay helps to cleanse and renew cell health. With beeswax and coconut oil soften and nourish to hydrate the skin.The mask is advised for normal to combinations skin.


 The mask smells amazing to start, not too strong or overpowering, The texture is lovely and smooth a very fine consistency and really easy to apply to the face. As you start to apply the mask you can feel a slight warming sensation. I was slightly worried about the warming aspect as other warming masks i have tried in the past either take ages to warm or they pretty much burn straight away. Through out the ten minutes that i had the mask on it stayed a really even gentle temperature.

I do tend to prefer a professional mask opposed to a shop brand as they tend to be non setting like this one so you don't get the dry tight feeling or flaking. The combination of the warming and the smooth non setting elements make for a really relaxing experience.

Now i would definitely advise following the instructions on how to remove the mask unlike myself.....The instructions advise that you remove with warm water and cotton wool or sponges...neither of which i had with me at the time so i tried to just rinse it off. Due to the non setting beeswax and the coconut oil when i tried to rinse the mask it simply didn't budge, i was just smearing it around my face so tissue was the next closest thing i had to hand which worked fine.

My skin is quite combination, normally on the slightly oily side but with odd dry patches that just wont go. The mask left my skin incredibly smooth and soft and it actually looked a lot brighter and more radiant. My dry patches were still there but no where near as bad as before. This is a great treatment mask if you just want to brighten the skin mid week. I definitely (as a beauty therapist) advise to always invest in a good face mask. Face masks can be a knight in shining armour when break outs of any kind attack, a concentrated boost when your skin needs it most.

Star rating out of five
* * * *

£24.95 for 100ml, to order or for more info visit
glossy boxes available at

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

jelly pong pong lip blush

After receiving my first glossy box ( a beauty company that send subscribers a monthly box with five high end miniatures/full size products) i was super excited to try out the jelly pong pong lip blush.I have only very briefly heard of jelly pong pong in beauty sections of magazines.

'each piece is formulated in a jelly pong pong -owned laboratory in Taiwan which enables us to make forward-thinking cosmetics,infused with our own powerful botanical blend.'

Firstly i notice the extremely pretty packaging,very girly and pleasing to the eye.
The lip blush which is a moisturising lip stain looks a bit like a wax crayon. Some lip stains come in the form of a felt nib with or with out a balm at the other end. Having used the latter kind in the past i didn't really hold out much hope. The felt nibs have really chapped my lips in the past even when applying the corresponding balm before and after.

On applying the lip blush i found it to glide on really smooth, it felt moisturising straight away not at all drying. The colour was really pretty A nice  bright pink for the spring, allot like a lipstick coverage but much more moisturising. I am normally a lip gloss girl as i find lipsticks don't last long enough and leave a horrible line around my lips. The jelly pong pong lip blush was still going a whole two hours later and more. The colour decreased slightly but  still more stupid line around my lips.

A high impact shine with loads of long lasting colour . This is perfect for any day whether  working or partying...although still carry your lip balm or gloss to apply after an hour or so if you do suffer from chapped lips, the moisture only lasts so long. 

The jelly pong pong lip blush is available in two shades,cranberry a berry red and marshmallow pink a soft petal pink. £12 each

All in all a brilliant lip stain with the longevity needed but maybe still need a bit more moisture for those of us who need more of a moisture saturation on our lips.

star rating out of five
* * * 

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Monday, 8 April 2013

Jessica spring collection

                                'Its a girl thing'

Spring may not have sprung outside but its on full blast with this seasons nail colours.
Jessica's Its a girl thing consists of six bright and pastel shades.A collection of colours inspired by the women in Jessica's life.  Sun kissed beauty a vibrant orange with a slight pearl,true blue a bright pastel blue,smitten kitten a bright pink with a slight pearl, sterling queen a grey silver, new kid in town a pastel purple, ruby empress a strong classic red with a slight pearl.

'Treat your nails to colour that cares with Jessica's longer lasting, vitamin enriched shades. formaldehyde, toluene and dbp free'

The set is bang on trend for this seasons colours. bright pastels are springing to life in make up,nails and clothes with a country kitch feel.

On first seeing these colours i was impressed with the variation of colours in the set. From the bold daring blue, purple and silver moving over to the vibrant spring shades of red, pink and orange for the less brave of us.

The polishes when painting do feel like they have quite a thick consistency so you need to be careful to use a thin layers to avoid dragging. But with the thickness of the polish comes great coverage and if you are careful to paint thin coats the overall affect is spotless. Combined with Jessica's treatment base coats and professional top coat you get amazing wear from these colours. I have quite a hands on physical job and found that the purple and the blue lasted a whole 6 days before they started to chip.

Jessica have now gone on to launch a few favourites from this range into their geleration collection. So your spring Mani or pedi can last twice as long.

All in all i am very impressed with this collections colour selection and the longevity of the polish its self. A must have for your spring make up bag. 

Star rating out of five
* * * *

for more info on the jessica range and salons please visit

Monday, 1 April 2013

Benefit posie tint

Move over powder and cream blushes and make way for benefits posie tint .A liquid gel formula tint made to last for up to 5 hours. Taken from the main range of tints from benefit which includes the original bene tint, a rose red stain , cha cha tint a mango tint and posie tint a poppy pink tint, all to be used on lips and cheeks.

Straight from the start the pretty packaging is very enticing, like all their products, very girly and retro.

'This poppy pink tinted cheek and lip stain brings out your cheery, natural flush.Youl be bloomin' gorgeous with a few strokes of our posie pink tint.This kiss and nuzzle proof keeps you just picked pretty for hours'

The posie tint is a reasonably thick consistency compared to the benetint which is more of a liquid.Package instructions are to apply three brush strokes to the apple of your cheeks and blend quickly. When you open the bottle it looks a bit like a nail varnish brush, very easy to apply but i did find after blending i did have to do two or three applications to build up sufficient colour. I then applied extra tint up my cheek bones, The tint feels light and non sticky or tacky which you may think from the consistency, dries very quickly. I applied the tint to my lips by dotting along my lips and then blending, again i had to apply  few layers to get a sufficient colour.The tint felt extremely drying on my lips, it dries very quickly as it is a stain so for myself a little Vaseline or clear gloss applied over the top stops me feeling chapped.

Before                                                                                             After

In my before and after pictures you can see a much healthier looking glow in my cheeks and a pinker tone to my lips. For the lips i think i will stick to just normal gloss, it was quite drying and to be honest only lasted a short while. On my cheeks however ... even though I'm only 26 it gave me a much younger fresher looking complexion! Benefit claim that the tint can last up to 5 hours, i find this is only true if you apply a few layers so you start with a more intense colour that takes a while to come off. 

Over all I'm a bit torn over this product, It gave me a fresh look but didn't really last as long as other make up i have used in the past.

* * *

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