Sunday, 26 May 2013

Five summer beauty survival tips

Summer beauty survival guide

Summer is a never ending slog in the beauty world....constant skin, hair and feet maintenance. Here's are my top five tips to surviving the summer in your most beautiful way possible.

Our body's are around 75% water, Water is essential to keep your skin and hair even keeps those dark circles at bay, dark circles are caused by a build up of toxins so drinking plenty of water helps to flush toxins away. To keep your self hydrated during the summer months make sure you drink plenty of water...fizzy drinks and alcohol will actually dehydrate you as they can act like a diuretic so always top up with water if drinking these. 6-8 glasses is the recommended daily amount ...keeping hydrated will keep you fresh and the fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

The debate on how much sun exposure we should or shouldn't have is a fierce 
one. Exposure to sunlight helps our body to produce vitamin d...which is responsible for our body's absorption of calcium and phosphate. Now as much as we need to produce vitamin d too much sun can lead to burns, skin damage and most commonly associated with too much sun exposure skin cancer. I always follow the rule of everything in moderation. When you tan this is your body's way of protecting itself, so as nice as a tan is a super dark tan isn't as healthy as it would seem. Make sure you have a day cream with a SPF of 20 or above and if you are going to be out in the sun during the day avoid being out during the hottest part of the day and wear a appropriate sun factor. Protecting your skin from too much sun will help prevent age spots and wrinkles in later life and burning...but make sure you get enough for your vitamin d production.

A decent pedicure once in a while through out the summer will make all the difference to those dry summer feet. During the summer wearing flip flops and sandals can expose the skin on the feet causing unsightly dry cracked skin and dry cuticles. A salon pedicure can make your feet fit for a cat walk, whilst relaxing and reviving you ...but if you cant afford a salon pedicure why not treat your feet to a home pedicure to keep your feet in tip top condition. follow my home pedicure guide for summer ready feet

4. Exfoliate & moisturise
Applying fake tan, sunbathing, swimming, sun exposure and dehydration can lead to dry, flaky and scaly skin. As well as drinking plenty of water to keep you hydrated exfoliating and moisturising is essential to keep your skin looking smooth and supple. For a quick drench of hydration salt scrubs are amazing, They combine rough salt to exfoliate removing even the most stubborn dry patches, and oils to moisturise and soften. My all time favourite is the body shop mango body scrub, a perfect combination of exfoliation deep hydration and a amazing summery smell. Try and make sure you exfoliate around once a week, concentrating on areas such as the elbows and knees and moisturise after each shower/bath to avoid moisture loss.

5. Hair
Whether it head or body hair it all needs keeping in check. Waxing can be the longer lasting solution to hair removal...the one downside though is that you have to grow it in the first place. The hair needs to be at least a centimetre long for optimum removal, waxing removes the whole hair so you will need a wax treatment around every 4-6 weeks. Your next choice is hair removal cream, make sure that you do a patch test (follow packet instructions) prior to any treatment. Hair removal cream works by melting the hair down to just below skin level so will last a week or two depending on your hair growth pattern. Last but not least shaving...When shaving make sure you have a good quality shaving foam to avoid shaving rash, A shaving foam acts as a lubricant to help the blades glide whilst cutting away the hair. Shaving cuts the hair off at skin level so will only last a day or two at the most.

When it comes to the hair on your head follow two rules a regular cut/trim to banish dry split ends and a shampoo and conditioner that is right for your hair type, to help hydrate or wash away grease and keep your locks shining all summer.

Follow these simple steps and you will be a summer goddess.
Keep a look out for my upcoming guide to the perfect home tanning treatment

Sunday, 12 May 2013

jessica effects textured polish

Jessica effects textured polish 

Following the latest nail art trend of textured polishes Jessica have released their effects textured collection just in time for spring. The collection consists of six textured polishes three matt colours and three matt with shimmer. Ruff and ready a shimmery pink with larger chunks of glitter, Chills down your spine a matt baby pink, Give me goose bumps a shimmery purple with larger chunks of glitter, Excite me a matt purple, Touch it a shimmery gold with large chunks of glitter and White hot a matt white.

'worn without a topcoat, these six textured nail polishes dry matt, sand-like that is oh so now'

The effects collection has been put in sleek tall bottles rather than normal round bottles. This completely separates the collection from the other Jessica polishes,which I'm not sure is a good or bad thing, the top it off colours are in the same why not the textured? the brush is nice and wide for easy application.

The consistency is quite thick and you have a solid colour with just one coat. After two coats you have a great coverage, same as with the opi liquid sand you do not apply to the free edge other wise you end up with a lumpy easily chipable nail and no top coat to keep the matte boss out of interest for our new arrivals wanted me to try topcoat with the polish as shes an old school therapist and didn't like the idea of not using a topcoat. It didn't make as much as a difference to the texture as i thought, but i used it over the ruff and ready which has a fine and chunky glitter and found that once you had applied a layer of top coat it dulled the glitter. You get a lot more shimmer and sparkle from a glitter textured polishes as its 3 dimensional, applying a top coat covers some of the texture and dulls the finer glitter.

The collection is a great first for Jessica with the textured polishes however I'm not very keen on the white hot polish...its dull and flat and not really needed in the collection! I think a shimmer silver or a matte gold/pale yellow would have been a better addition to the collection. I think the white is only really suitable for nail art. 

I had great fun with the effects collection and it had been an instant hit within the salon (apart from white hot). The polish lasted around four days with out chipping but i did notice a slight smoothing and dulling of the glitter colours .
Hopefully as time goes on the formula will be a little hardier and keep their texture for longer.

Textured polishes are most definitely my newest beauty crush

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Elemis pro radiance flash balm

Elemis pro-radiance 

illuminating flash balm

One of the latest releases from Elemis the pro-radiance illuminating flash balm. A moisturiser likened to the Clarins flash balm, which is claimed to act as a radiance boosting, moisturising primer.
'Introducing an exciting new generation “hybrid moisturiser” whose instant skin-flattering qualities are as compelling as its ability to hydrate the skin.
Formulated with a powerful vitamin complex that helps protect against moisture loss, whilst exquisite purple orchid, noni and acai help defend against the early signs of skin ageing'

Being that i work with Elemis within the salon i manage i had a sneak preview of the flash balm before it was released for sale and couldn't wait for its arrival. Part of the anti-ageing range and not like or replacing any of their other moisturisers, the pro radiance flash balm is a multi tasking balm that combines instant hydration, radiance and a primer base for make up.

 The packaging is fresh and sleek, with no fussy patterns, being that its a tube and not a pump you can just cut the tube in half when its running out. The anti ageing range is very easy to distinguish from the rest of the Elemis ranges in its white and silver packaging. Classic and classy. 

 The flash balm carries really fresh clean scents of neroli, bitter orange,bergamont, and lemon. It has quite a thick consistency but spreads very easily and is instantly absorbed. The elemis anti ageing range normally tends to be quite rich so only a little is needed the classic 'less is more', my skin felt instantly hydrated and dewy and looked really bright and revived. Even though a dewy finish is achieved its not wet or tacky to the touch.

  You can apply the balm straight onto a cleansed face as a daily moisturiser or as a primer over the top of a moisturiser. I at first applied just as a moisturiser straight onto the skin, but found my stubborn dry patches just were not hydrated enough, although the balm is thick it just didn't quench the super dry skin in enough moisture. So would advise that if you have dryer skin to use a serum or a little day cream underneath . Unlike other creams and primers devised to give you brighter complexion with the trickery of light reflecting pigments the flash balm uses just vitamins and plant extracts that actually feed the skin and improve the over all look and feel and not just mask imperfections.

As a primer it works amazingly, holding make up in place all day, I work very long days and don't like to keep having to apply my make up. I have used both powder and liquid make up over the balm and it held both amazingly. And even though the balm leaves you with a fresh dewy look, once make up is applied the skin is still fresh, bright and not shiny or greasy. 

The flash balm is a great price at just £32 which is a lot less than if you were to buy a separate moisturiser and make up primer. Another fabulous product from elemis.
'With millions of satisfied spa-goers every year, Elemis is the market leader in luxury British spa and skincare. Since their formation in 1989, they have provided their clientele with multi-award winning skincare, and their wide product range is available in over 1000 locations around the world. Through cutting edge technology, Elemis continues to evolve and provide people with the most effective anti-ageing formula's that yield powerful results, and luxurious spa therapy that helps to invigorate the skin.'

Whilst stocks two full size elemis products and get a gift set containing five miniatures completly free! 

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