Sunday, 9 June 2013

Home fake tanning guide

Achieve the perfect home fake tan

Haven't got the money to have a tan applied by a professional?'s my guide on how to achieve the perfect home fake tan

Patch test
First and foremost always make sure if you have not used a fake tan before that you carry out a patch test to ensure you do not have any allergies to the ingredients. A patch test can be carried out by applying a little of the product to the crease on the inside of your arm or just behind the ear. If you have an allergy you will experience redness, itching and maybe a little swelling in the patch test area. Please follow packet instructions if this does happen.

Hair removal 
Whether you are waxing, shaving or using hair removal cream always make sure u remove hair 24 hours prior to a tanning treatment. Hair removal will leave open pores affecting the overall results of the tan. It can also cause infections due to the fake tan entering open pores.

Shower and Exfoliate

Prior to any fake tan treatment you always need to make sure the skin is free from perfumes and oils. Exfoliating is key to achieving an even tan. Using an exfoliating scrub (if a matching one to your brand of tan is available this is normally the better one to choose) scrub all over the body, concentrating on areas such as the elbows, knees, underarms and ankles. These are the areas that tend to be the driest and will hold more tan. Make sure you DO NOT use a salt scrub or any other scrub containing too much oil prior to a tan as this will stop the tan from being applied evenly.

The next step in making sure your tan comes out evenly..moisturise. Apply moisturiser to feet (inc ankles), knees, hands (inc wrists), elbows and under arms. Like with the exfoliation these are the areas that tend to have the thicker dryer skin so extra care needs to be taken to make them as smooth and soft as possible. Make sure you apply a little extra cream to any areas that you personally find dry.

Applying the tan
A pair of surgical gloves is always a good idea if you want to avoid tango palms. Depending on the brand and type of the tan (I.E cream, mousse, mist) follow manufacturers instructions. But take special care to blend tan over knees, feet and hands. You don't want as much tan on these areas, if you can apply a little less to the insides of your arms also.This createS the illusion of a more natural tan. Make sure in the time you leave a tan on to develop that you wear dark loose clothing, For the ladies avoid wearing your bra if possible to avoid strap marks. Avoid applying deodorant and perfume as certain brands will react with fragrances and affect the pigment of the tan.One last thing to avoid whilst the tan is developing is to is exercise, anything that makes you sweat is risking your tan moving and coming out patchy.

Maintaining your tan
Once you have washed the tan off after development make sure you moisturise on a daily basis to prolong your tan for as long as possible. When showering make sure you avoid shower gels that include citris ingredients as the citric acid from these will strip the tan off. Avoid swimming pools also as chlorine Will cut the amount of time your tan lasts.Once a few days has passed start to scrub in the shower/bath to help the tan fade a little more evenly. But most imprtantly enjoy looking gorgeous and bronzed.

Now go..... get tanning

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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Benefit fakeup concealer

Benefit fakeup concealer

So my search for the perfect concealer continues. At the age of 26 with a busy career and social life it is proving difficult to find a concealer that will cover dark circles and stay put all day without either waring away or sinking into my one laughter line under my eyes! I had recently seen an advert for benefits 'boing' concealer which boasts 'This award-winning concealer camouflages dark circles, shadows and discolouration without creasing or fading. Even better…the industrial-strength formula is now available in FIVE shades, with a full range from light to deep. Now all gals can be imperfection-free.'

whilst eyeing up boing in my local Debenhams a benefit consultant came over and offered her assistance(super friendly and not too pushy), after explaining what i wanted out of a concealer she introduced me to the 'fakeup conceler' that had just been released.
'Fakeup, hydrate and conceal, its elementary darling' 

Fake up is a crease control concealer with vitamin e and apple seed extract. The concealer is made up of the coloured concealer in the centre with A rich moisturising balm around the edge. Vitamin E is a well known antioxident that helps to protect and heal skin, a well known ade in the fight against ageing skin. Apple seed extract is vitamin rich and helps to nourish, protect and soften. Available in three shades, fake up is designed to hide dark circles and diffuse fine lines for a silky smooth, ultra natural look.
 The benefit consultant sat me down and applied the concealer to one eye so i could compare before and after, the concealer looked great, nice and bright and not too heavy. Some concealers can be yellowy or just thick and claggy and show up more than what they are trying to conceal. At £18.50 i felt this was bit of a bargain from benefit, i purchased 01 light.

The consultant applied the concealer from the inside corner down the contour under my eye, and then the same from the outer corner so i had a semi circle of concealer under my eye. Then with her ring finger (always use your ring finger ladies when applying eye cream or make up to the eye area, its the most gentle finger you can use) patting and spreading the concealer. She then lightly brushed over with a soft make up brush to smooth the final result. This was very easy to recreate at home. 

The concealer even though it has a balm included doesn't feel very heavy or thick, you can barely notice it. It is also just a flat colour which is quite nice as sometimes reflecting pigments can lead to a shiny disco feel..not the effect you want from a daily concealer.

The application is super easy and it feels really light. On some of my more tired days i struggled to completely cover my dark circles but it just about did the trick. It covered really well and lasted all of my working day. I have found that i need to reapply though on a longer day, being that the concealer is in a lipstick type tube i was able to just pop it in my bag and go.It was true to its word and didnt migrate to the crease under my eye causing and unsigtly build up, and the skin around my eyes does feel a little softer and smoother.

I bought the hula bronzer kit at the same time as buying the concealer and i must admit i am a bit addicted to benefit now! All in all a good concealer but could do with being a bit thicker/longer Lasting for those days when i am looking less than perfect.

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