Sunday, 28 July 2013

My Benefit make over

My Benefit make over

I recently visited my local benefit counter to have a make up trial, i have recently become a massive fan of benefit. The make up although pricey is such good quality and works really well with my skin...a little goes a long way and maximises my skins brightness. The day i had my trial was one of the hottest of summer 2013 so far at a sweltering 32°c. So to cool me off the counter assistant sprayed my face and neck with a little ultra radiance rehydrating mist,followed by a quick application of the triple performance moisturiser. 

Now to make the best of any face you need to create a blank canvas so firstly The pore fessional was applied this minimises pores and smooths the complexion. She then applied a small amount of the new stay flawless 8 hour primer,this amazing new primer acts like a magnet holding onto make up no matter what.


To complete my flawless blank canvas she next applied the hello flawless oxygen wow foundation. Now normally i don't wear foundation,much more of a powder bronzer girl. She applied the foundation with a brush which was also new to me, if i do use liquid foundation i tend to use a sponge or fingers,the finish was nice and smooth although a little paler than I'm used to. Like i say i tend to use bronzer. Now to follow a quick application of stay don't stray primer on my eye lids to ensure there is no creasing or movement of the eye shadow.


I just wanted a natural smokey effect but wanted to be able to use more than two colours like i normally do. So on top of the primer the benefit counter assistant applied a layer of the creasless cream shadow over the whole lid to illuminate, she then applied a darker shade of kiss me I'm tipsy to the outer of my eye lid, applying in the crease of my eye socket and the lower part of the lid along the eyelash line and filled the triangle created with a slightly lighter gilt-y pleasure (both shades of soft browns with slight pearlisation). She Blended the inner half of my eye lid with a softer lighter shadow 'call my bluff' and swept this right up to my brow bone, to make this smokey affect nice and soft she patted a little pink shade in the centre of my eye lid.

This gave my eyes a really soft dewy/smokey affect, which is just what i was looking for. It didn't feel or look like i had too much shadow on as it was soo softly blended. After applying my eye shadow we then needed to cover my dark circles, She applied the 'light' fake up concealer, which i already have at home. This concealer is made up of a moisturising balm and concealer in the centre to help hydrate the eyes, reduce fine lines and puffiness as well covering dark circles.Next came my cheeks, i had the brand new fine-one-one stick which combines a more coral tone balm, pink balm and highlighter in one to colour and highlight the cheeks and cheek bone. 

Last but no means least the last defining touches for my eyes, I have been using the 'they're real' mascara and have found that there has been a little transfer on to the skin during the day so she applied the bad gal lash in waterproof, I found this mascara really separated my lashes but kept them looking natural. now having quite dark thick brows i don't tend to do much with them apart from the occasional tint to darken the thicker area in the middle and most definitely apply clear mascara to tame the stray ones during the day. Using a fine brush the assistant filled in my brows with a combination of both colours in the 'brow zings' set. When you buy this set it comes with two colours for filling in the gaps, application brushes and a pair of tweezers to keep your brows picture perfect. To keep them in place she applied a thin layer of the speed brow, a tinted version of clear mascara. 

My final finished make up!
A lot of work goes into a proper make up application, i was really pleased with it and bought the eyeshadow palette. This was a great bargain at just £23.50....each individual shadow is £15 alone!! Benefit make up is by no means the cheapest brand around but it is most definitely worth the money and if your a little savvy like me you can buy the special multi packs of products so you get a few miniatures, which will being smaller than full size get used up before they have chance to go off..but are amazing value for money as you get a little of a few things! The only thing i would change in the application was to use a bronzer instead of a foundation...but this does depend on the time of year.

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Jessica summer collection 'bright wings'

Jessica's Bright wings

Bright wings Jessica's summer collection 2013 is made up of six fresh summer colours. Natures fairy a bright berry purple, fierce flyer a hot summer red, wing woman a blood orange, floating beauty a fierce summer pink, social butterfly a deep orange coral and fanciful flight a deep hot pink.

The collection of six block, bold colours unfortunately includes No shimmers or pearlised which was a little disappointing for the summer as i think most of us like a bit of shimmer and sparkle in the summer. That was not the first disappointment for me on this collection. After working with Jessica products for over 8 and a half years i do find that year after year they seem to fail with new inspiration for colours. Whether they are just sitting safe or don't have the imagination I'm not sure. 

The colour selection although very similar to previous years is a beautiful selection for summer, especially social butterfly and natures fairy. There is a little something for everyone whether you like a really shocking bright colour or something a little more subtle, a couple of the colours such as fierce flyer and floating beauty are reruns of  forever classic colours.

The application is very good solid colour straight away, recently over the last year to two years i have noticed that the block colours in the different Jessica collections are quite a thick consistency which for a pro is easy to apply thinly to make a nice even finish, maybe slightly more difficult for someone less steady when painting at home though . I have also found that with this solid coverage that the polishes last that bit longer. lasting that extra day to two days makes your mani or pedi seem worth all the bother. Like i said the colours have no pearlisation at all so i jazzed my pedicure with social butterfly up with pink crystal glitter.There are many simple ways to jazz up a colour now, glitter, shatter or even some simple nail art with a dotting tool. Jessica have also recently released a matte topcoat for a non shine finish. The choice is yours.

 At the moment the bright wings collection is available in normal polish only, but following jessisca's recent trend, the most popular of the collection i am sure will be transferred into geleration in the not too distant future.
All in all a nice collection but could have been a little more origonal.
Bright wings are available now in salons and online.

Rating out of five stars
* * *

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