Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Body shop insta blur

The Body shop All in one Instablur

Iv been a naughty blogger i know, moving house is a little time consuming. But i am still trying out soo many new things so i hope i can fill you in with a few more blogs.
I have been trying a lot of make up in preparation for my wedding next year, I am due to be married in august, so in the UK that can either be sweltering hot or pouring with rain. I want to try and find a base for my make up to make it hold in place no matter what the weather brings.

Browsing the Body shop website i came across the All in one instablur face perfector.
'This all-new face perfector blurs imperfections, giving you flawless photo-perfect skin in an instant! With Community Fair Trade marula oil. Shine Controlling  for 12h, Reduces appearance of pores, Blemish Hiding, Complexion Unifying, Make-up Extending'.

The instablur comes in a 25ml tube for £14 which i think is a reasonable price for the quality of product. I have used quite a lot of primers in the past all of which have been cream based, when i decanted the instablur i was shocked to find a clear jellied product. I was a little wary due to its look in case it was greasy so only applied a little. I was pleasantly surprised to find that as soon as i applied the gel my skin was mattified. As with all middle to high range products a little goes a long way. I use just under a pea sized amount for my entire face. My skin is normal to oily so I'm not too sure on how this product would spread on a drier skin type but i suspect it would glide quite easily.


 Now for the five  points....
shine controlling -Instantly after applying i found my skin was mattified, even after sweating during the day my skin continued to stay matt. 
Reduces appearance of pores - I don't have overly large pores on my face but did find that the ones that are visible on my nose were a little less noticeable. It was a little like instagram affect, in that you could see them but it was like some one blurred them with a clever camera trick.
Blemish hiding - Now this is a tricky one, if i am using insta blur i am generally adding make up over the top. It didn't hide major blemishes, that was more my make up. But the little blocked pores and bumps that i can sometimes get on my lower chin were a little like my pores around my nose...still visible but blurred.
Complexion unifying - This one is a definite yes, as soon as i applied it to my face it was like i had a blank canvas to start from (apart from my dreaded dark circles and larger blemishes).
And last but not least make up extending - This was the point i wanted most and it certainly lived up to it. Even after sweating my make up was in place, it didn't however stop transfer if i touched my face or had been leaning on my hands. It held my bronzer perfectly but with my blusher being a second layer over the top of my bronzer it didn't quite hold as much.

All in all this i defiantly a good investment for any one looking for a skin pefector that doesn't like the coloured element of a BB or CC cream . With a low price tag but higher grade ingredients this product has the longevity to last but not to break the bank.

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