Sunday, 14 December 2014

The body shop advent calender week one

The Body shop advent calender 

Week one

This year after a bit of research I chose The body shop advent calender. 24 days of mini treats. Here is my round up of my first seven days of my beautiful calender. 

Day one

The first day... always an exciting one. I received a 30ml almond hand cream. I was super excited to receive this. I loooove the smell and miss the almond range. Perfect handbag size tube and a wonderfully rich hand cream, perfect fir this time of year. 

Day two

Day two...wasn't quite as exciting as day one, day two was a nail file. The file again was perfect hand bag size. Being in the industry I have my favourite files (Jessica) .The body shop file felt like a mixture between a old school emery board and a newer style smooth file......unfortunately when I use it it does feel like an old emery. A little bit rough (which puts my teeth on edge) but actually leaves a smooth finish. So a good file...just my teeth can't take it.

Day three

Day three was a very cute little heart shape soap....strawberry. such a cute little addition to my bathroom sink. Smells gorgeous, looks great and something for everyone. Perfect stocking filler.

Day four

Day four....oooh a slightly bigger door.....a 60ml glazed cranberry shower gel. The sight of this made me oh soo happy. I have been using the glazed apple range of late and the frosted cranberry is just as amazing. And such a good size bottle, a nice little pick me up in the morning with the fresh bright smell of cranberries. Beautiful.

Day five

So we are nearly at the end of the first week of the advent calender, so far so good. Day number five was not a disappointment either, a 60ml frosted cranberry shimmer lotion. A perfect match to yesterday's shower gel, and a perfect body cream for this festive season. A nice rich cream, easily absorbed with tons of fine shimmer to add a touch of sparkle....I do find I have to wash my hands after though as my palms are literally caked in shimmer.

Day six

Today we have a nice change, no body products today but a black carbon eye definer. This item retails for £9.00 so this was a great treat. It was really easy to apply and the smudger was pretty easy to use. I found it a little easier to apply the liner to bare skin apposed to eye shadow. 

Day seven

The last day of the first week finishes with another mini heart soap. This was another red one so I can't quite define which one is strawberry and which one is glazed cranberry now. The soaps are cute but I don't often use a soap and now have two....but they have always been a body shop staple.

The first week of The Body shop advent calender was a good one. I got a couple of gifts that were not as exciting as I'd hoped but I also got some amazing gifts which I have loved trying. Keep a look out on my Facebook, twitter and instagram accounts for my daily pictures as open them.

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